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by Andrew Hennessey

A publication by I. Fuentes-Schuller and R. B. Mann on quantum entanglement appeared in Physical Review Letters 2005. It showed among other things that Quantum entanglement research proves that acceleration of related or entangled particles from their origins creates a "thermal bath." In my words, movement between related particles tears the subatomic ether that supports and feeds the particles causing i.e. a 'thermal bath' or in my words, free energy.

There was a thermal bath after the Big Bang and there is a thermal bath at Quantum level today's physicists and cosmologists are literally bathing in free energy.

From the `Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.' Called, `Alice falls into a black hole: Acceleration and quantum entanglement'

`What would happen to their entanglement if Alice fell into a black hole and Bob stayed safely outside? We can model this situation by considering Alice to be stationary and Rob (formerly Bob) to be uniformly accelerated with respect to Alice. We found that although the entanglement between them is reduced due to Rob's acceleration, it remains nonzero as long as Rob's acceleration is not infinite.

It has long been known that an accelerated observer detects a thermal bath of particles whereas an observer at rest sees only a vacuum.

Known as the Unruh Effect, it is this that causes the degradation in the entanglement measured by Alice and Rob.'

The tearing apart of related and entangled particles across a field produces a 'thermal bath.'

Hennessey's Harmonic Continuum Theory predicts that:

particles are continually emerging standing waves emerging as a weather system at the top of a pyramid of relativity - energy that is fed into maintaining the particle in its locality is bled, released and generated by tearing the particles from their locality. The tearing effect produces the `thermal bath` effect known in quantum entanglement.

Two spinning magnets therefore would release a great deal of free energy because the field relationship between upper and lower plate atoms is being promoted by high voltages, which when torqued by the physical device produce the thermal bath of the Unruh Effect.

I think this paper and or fact of the Unruh effect in quantum entanglement is corroborated as a universal law in the macrocosm by the fact that the Universe has been found to have been rewarming itself after the gravitational tearing and motion of the Big Bang. The Unruh Effect as a universal law for matter and gravity and time would substantiate/corroborate the free energy ideas of; Faraday Tesla, Townsend Brown, Frank Searle, Bruce De Palma etc ... In free energy devices - the thermal bath idea is tapped into by the rotating mechanics of the device.

Big Bang researchers have recently conceded to a major flaw in the theory in that the Cosmos has been measured to have reheated itself by obtaining free energy from somewhere.

This idea, I postulate, is the same `Unruh Effect' at massive scales of gravitational entanglement and tearing as is being observed in the quantum microcosm with its entanglement and tearing. Massive movement and tearing of the macrocosm has produced the same thermal bath previously observed at a quantum level. The Cosmos has been reheated after the big bang. This Cosmic rewarming is an Unruh effect the operation of a universal physical law on a massive scale. It is Free Energy.

Academics have been sitting on the proof for free energy .. right there already published in plain view, though they apparently don't have any reason to believe that particles are externally supplied and refreshed.

Superstrings and Einstein do not cover the law of Emergence and total interconnection within a fluid environment. Theirs is the pristine billiard ball that cannot be a particle and a wave at the same time.

The bit they don't get is that all particles are fed and continually supplied harmonic standing waves like galaxies or vortices in the eye of an ether storm. This ether energy continually supplies, feeds and augments by the chaos law of emergence the particulate form with fresh energy.

That's why spinning two magnets tears away the relationships between the particles in the upper plate from the particles in the lower plate � creating a rewarming or thermal bath or Unruh Effect.

The recent `chemical galaxy' vortex model for the periodic table of chemical elements is construed as a harmonic chaos form because the elements align themselves by harmonic intervals. This fact was known as far back as Newland's Theory of Octaves in 1884 CE. Lord Kelvin's Vortex Theory of Ether and Atoms in 1901 CE was a theory born in fluid dynamics and turbulence and at least 100 years ahead of Einstein. We now in 2005 CE have a vortex theory of atoms for the periodic table.

The hidden extras in reality that physicists allegedly cannot grasp is that a particle is both a wave and a particle at the same time because the particle is intimately connected with and derived within the fluids of the ether. A particle is a standing wave made out of harmonic folds of ether, a storm system like the red spot in the eye of Jupiter.

Move a particle or mass by breaking its field relativity away from the pyramid of energies that continually feed it and free energy to the value of the energy in the core of the particle will pour through the gap. This is called the Unruh Effect � we just call it free energy.

Andrew Hennessey

The Hameltech Generator is a direct example of the Unruh Effect since it generates heat and a plasma wave upon acceleration of the magnetic layers within. See the links in the navigation window above for Hameltech.

Please look for "Electrogravitics Systems" by Thomas Valone, a primer on how the famed B-2 bomber utilizes antigravity principles. You can also look under key words such as "zero-point energy," "over unity energy," the over-looked works of Einstein in the "Unified Field Theory" and overlooked scientists who could have made this world a better place to live like Nikola Tesla, Dr. T. Henry Moray, Gabriel Kron, Teruo Kawai, Floyd Sweet, Howard Johnson, Dr. Deborah D. L Chung, Dr. Randell Mills, Stanley Pons, Martin Fleischman, Dr. Thomas Beardan, Dr. Paul LaViolette, James A. Patterson, the list goes on.... 

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