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Propellantless Propulsion G-Engine via Zero g-force WARP Drive - The Math - Dr. Jack Sarfatti give introduction to a corrected and expanded version a doc he composed.  "If the UFOs are out there, this is essentially how they MUST work." (ZPEnergy; July 28)
Metal-Cooled Computing - Some metal combinations are liquid down to as low as 7ēC and are being considered for cooling super-fast PCs. (MIT Technology Review; July 11)
Renewable Energy Online Courses - Solar Energy International (SEI), a solar energy training and education provider since 1991, is now offering PV Design Online and Solar Home Design courses online, commencing Sept. 6, then Oct. 31. (Renewable Energy Access; July 25)
DNA-based molecular nano-wires - An international consortium of 7 universities and research centres are seeking an alternative to silicon-based microelectronics in using molecules of DNA, which could enable a reduction in size of the current systems by a thousand times. (EurekAlert; July 19)
Solar Nanotech Coming of Age - Leading "solar nanotechnology" companies like Nanosys, Nanosolar, and Konarka have created prototypes of thin rolls of highly efficient light-collecting plastics for spreading across rooftops or embedding in building materials -- at a price comparable to conventional energy sources. Roll-out could take up to five years. (EMagazine; July 19)
GMF and the Hutchison Effect Explained - William Alek theorizes how complex magnetic fields associated with Gravitational Mass Fluctuations (GMF) will induce cold eddy currents in metals, causing them to melt at room temperature -- an effect demonstrated repeatedly by John Hutchison, who also demonstrates anti-gravity phenomenon with the effect.. (FreeEnergyNews; July 15)
Green Power from Chicken Litter - Gas Technology Institute has successfully demonstrated that chicken litter can be gasified to produce hydrogen and generate electricity using a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). Fertilizer also produced. (PhysOrg; July 15)
Really Cool Invention Brings Teens Awards - Physics students came up with an environmentally friendly, economical air conditioner.  "Space Beast" uses Peltier effect chips instead of Freon. (Salt Lake Tribune; July 6, 2005)
World's leading energy conservation manual to go online - Energy Institute Press' 2000 book to be converted to online, interactive via Knovel Corporation. (BusinessWire; May 17)
Ultra-clean coal to power a greener future - Engineers in Nottingham are developing leaching process to produce ultra-clean coal that could make power generation 50% more efficient and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a third. (PhysOrg; May 13)
  • CoolScientist graphicsTesla Turbine > Tesla's Turbine - Overview of yet another of Tesla's designs that was ahead of its time.  Turbine uses principle of viscosity and surface tension rather than brute force.  (Saipan Tribune; New Jersey; May 13)
    • Solar > Sailing the galaxy - Private $4 million project to use a giant Mylar solar sail the size of a 10-story building to prove concept. Compared to flight of Kittyhawk as a first step of a long process of refinement. (; May 13, 2005)

    Hollow Earth

    By Phil Cunningham
    Published: Friday, May 13, 2005

    It is unfortunate that in seeking truth we find that we must often abandon comforting fancies. Ignorance is truly bliss, if you like it stop reading now. If you read the labels on your foods with any interest they become unpalatable. The ingredients tend to be far from natural and often harmful. The clothes that we wear are made by the poorest of people, often children, in deplorable conditions. They receive little for their efforts. Our greed keeps them there. The soaps that we use to keep clean poison us and our environment, we brush our teeth with a toxic substance, and nothing disposable really is.

    A personal relationship with a loving God is revealed as schizophrenic delusion maintained as an escape from responsibility. Righteousness is revealed to be unfounded narcissism. Justice becomes jealousy, wrath and the deliberate suppression of others' freedoms. Who is to say what is right and wrong for other people in absence of the imagined godly authority? In the end there is no justice.

    The democratic balance that we are taught exists in government is shown to be worse than non-existent. Instead we find our representatives to be toadies to corporate royalty. Their loyalty is given first to greed for fame, fortune and status. Their paths to office are sanctioned by little-known gate keepers who, themselves, must operate according to rules dictated by shadowy organizations and elite fraternal entities. It's a lot like Rome. We are left with a staged drama.

    Familiar social conventions are seen to be pointless hoop-jumping. Marriage becomes slavery, an antiquated institution to curtail free will and reduce the status of a woman to that of property. Education as we practice it is shown to be simple indoctrination. The goal is not to optimize the potential of the individual but to produce roughly uniform, predictable human resources who are cookie-cut to fit a society designed to maintain the un-balance of power. The practice preserves old wealth partially by limiting indoctrination in the most desirable professions to the children of the wealthy. Equally intelligent and perhaps better motivated minds from the lower social strata stay there. It's a kind of racism. An otherwise fulfilling career in a prestigious office is no more than endless running to your death on a human hamster wheel. It's a number shuffling exercise which produces nothing but profit that you never see. What a waste. The greatest pay goes to those who work least while efficient laborers are simply rewarded with more long hours of backbreaking drudgery. If they are fortunate enough to survive the long hours, high stress and toxic conditions associated with manufacture or farming they might just get a pension too small to live on, if anything. Those unfortunates who find themselves hospitalized due to illness or injury may see the fruits of a lifetime of labor, which they were hoping to pass on to their children, taken to pay their debts through no fault of their own. Meanwhile rich corporations write off millions in debt each year with no comparable consequence to their owners.

    The life that we are shown on TV is not the life we lead but most people never realize it. Real life is hard and unrewarding. We placate ourselves with petty purchases and escape through passive entertainment. It would be nice if complex problems could be resolved in less than a half hour to the sound of canned laughter. It would be nice if the Good Guys always won in the end. There is no reality in TV; it is a box to keep your brain in.

    Eventually the inescapable realization is that everything that you thought you knew is wrong. The resulting questions are difficult ones. If we realize that that we are living in a dream world, how can we ever be certain of achieving some sort of reality-based lucidity? If reality as we know it consists of fabrications, than what matters and what is real? Can we be sure, for example, who blew up what and what the motivations were? Do we trust our leaders to act in our best interest? If a technology developed for free energy would our industry leaders allow its implication? Can we say for certain that there are no Aliens or Yeti? Might the Earth be hollow?

    How to float like a stone - British scientists have developed an antigravity machine that can float non-magnetic items in mid-air.  "Generate a field that is stronger below and weaker above, and the resulting upward magnetic force cancels out gravity." (Guardian.UK; May 11)
    • Rocket bike - Reaches 60 mph in 5 seconds. What an X-prize contestant does with his know-how when he's bored because Rutan had things sewn up. 25 mph version for daughter. (; May 9, 2005)
    • India Planning Comprehensive National Biodiesel Policy - Achieving 20% biodiesel will require 11 million hectares of land [42,471 square miles approximately the size of Virginia] and create 11 million jobs. (GreenCongress; May 8) (Thanks Adrian Ankau)
      [How much energy does it take to grow the crop?]

    Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet Causing Massive Earthquakes in Southern Hemispheric Regions

    Earthquakes to Order

    Solar activity is inextricably connected to earth activity through physics and visa versa.

    Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

    A recurrent coronal hole (CH135) in the northern hemisphere was in a geoeffective position on December 23-24.

    "Once one can reach into or through the earth and ocean and create energy in a desired interference zone, induction of earthquakes is simple. Use the interferometers to deposit energy in a fault zone over a period of time. Keep it up, and the piezoelectric plates build up enough mechanical stress to forcibly "slip" and produce an earthquake..."

    Tsunami Adds to Belief in Animals' "Sixth Sense" - Wild animals seem to have escaped the Indian Ocean tsunami, adding weight to notions they possess a "sixth sense" for disasters, experts said on Thursday. (Reuters; Dec. 31)
    Oregon 'quake forecaster' spurs panic, mass flight in India - Based on detecting "resonant energy" that is pulsating in the Earth's flexible crust. It is part of a larger "ether" force in the universe that he says was inspired by inventor Nikola Tesla. (San Francisco Chronicle; Dec. 30)
    High Speed Steam Powered Car - British design engineer Glynne Bowsher and his team have almost finished building a super-fast vehicle reminiscent of the Batmobile.  They aim to set speed records with their external combustion vehicle.  (Slashdot; Dec. 28)  >
    Tiny glass beads for hydrogen storage - Small beads can be made super cheaply and can safely store hydrogen at 10,000 psi. Alfred University researchers have discovered an optical activator to enable measured release. (FuelCellsWorks; Dec. 27)
    The Correa Solution to the 'Cold Fusion' Enigma - Critique of the DoE panelists. Correas say that the erratic results that continue to bedevil the field stem from the actual lack of understanding of nuclear processes that plagues modern physics.  Hydrogen fusion breakthrough announcement.  (ZPEnergy; Dec. 26)
    Solar power aircraft will make broadband available to all - Technology being developed to be installed into high altitude platforms - such as solar powered aircraft or airships - to make Broadband Internet access available to remote areas and moving trains. (PhysOrg; Dec. 23)
    Germany: An Energy Role Model - The biggest solar energy power plant in the world just went online in Bavaria, and is expected to quickly turn a profit. 16,000 windmills generate 39 percent of the worlds wind energy.  Wind and solar now provide more than 10 percent of the country's electricity. (TechnologyReview; Dec. 21)
    Plant-life inspires cooling system for the fuel cell powered laptops of the future - Evaporative cooling from a plant's microscopic openings called stomata form the basis of the evaporative cooler concept from Cambridge Consultants. (FuelCellsWorks; Dec. 9)