Scalar Wave Science Fair Project

    In recent years there's been a great amount of interest in the Scalar Wave or the "Tesla Wave”, as it is also known. It was of course named after Nikola Tesla who supposedly discovered it. Well I suspect that a most people have absolutely no idea what it is or what its capable of. It is supposedly capable of many things such as antigravity, beam weapons, remote sensing, anti-inertia fields, free energy and more. Lets look at what a Scalar Wave is and how we can produce it.

If you will recall from basic physics, that a vector quantity is one is defined as having two components:

Magnitude and direction.

     Vector quantities are routinely used in mathematical analyses to visually denote forces of one type or another. In a vector quantity there exists the potential to do work and the vector quantity is comprised of two components, one of which may be thought of as "potential energy"(the magnitude), and the other one being "kinetic energy"(the direction). If we point our finger at an object, then it may be thought of as exhibiting a direction without exhibiting a force. The finger has the capability of exhibiting a force on the object if we move the finger toward it, touch it and press on it with some force. The finger then, when only pointing towards the object without touching it, may be thought of as exhibiting potential energy as we approach it. Until the finger actually meets the object and experiences a resistance, the finger exhibits kinetic energy or energy in motion, but without yet actually doing any work. In other words, the force does not know of itself until it meets a resistance.

     You may think of the "scalar" part of the total vector as the potential energy component or the ability of dormant energy to do work once it is given a direction. Therefore, the scalar wave could be defined as a stress-free area in the structure of space time. The stress-free area is very much like potential energy because it can not be directly measured or observed. You may ask "then how do we know it's there?"

     once it manifests itself as a vector quantity by either being given direction (so that it meets a resistance and thus manifests), or by combining it with a second scalar wave to cause an interference pattern to form. No one has ever seen a scalar wave. It can only be detected by its manifestation in a vector or work mode form. Just like electromagnetic radiation, scalar waves are measured indirectly but are fundamentally electromagnetic in nature.

    Now lets examine what a scalar field should be comprised of. Suppose we take a charged electrical capacitor and bring out from each end of the capacitor a large copper plate, and space the two plates so that they are parallel and as close as possible without allowing them to touch. Lets suppose we have a 50,000-volt capacitor and arrange the plates as close together as possible and surround the plates with a vacuum to prevent leakage from dust and air.

The region between the 2 plates represents a highly stressed region of space-time where, if we insert a material of any type in between the plates, then work will be done either in the form of transference of some of this stress to the inserted object, or a total dissipation of this stress into a vector form of energy (spark discharge).

high voltage scalar field generator

     Now if we take this same highly charged capacitor and instead of taking each end out to a plate wherein the potential difference between these plates produces a vector field, we take both plates and connect them to the same end of the capacitor. By spacing the 2 plates in a parallel manner, we have created a scalar field. The area between the 2 plates is a passive stress-free region of space-time, incapable of extending (by itself alone) any force on any mass placed within that field. The field is incapable of doing work in the normal fashion. However, with 2 properly arranged scalar fields, interference may be set up wherein enormous quantities of vector energy may be dissipated.

The beauty of the scalar field is that it passes effortlessly through all mass with no reduction of intensity and can be projected anywhere in the universe by simple coordinate manipulation.

    Now suppose we arrange an electromagnetic coil in such a manner to cancel out all created electromagnetic fields generated, so that all that remains is the scalar field. Such a configuration can be accomplished by winding the coil in a mobius configuration. Since electrical current is being passed through the coil, energy is being dissipated. But where is it going? Only a portion of it is being dissipated in the coil as heat while the remainder is going into producing the electromagnetic field, which is cleverly arranged to cancel itself out.

mobius EM generator

     Well you may ask at this point...."So what"? If we produce a field, which has no capability of doing work, and passes through everything unnoticeably with no reduction of energy, how can it be used for anything at all, let alone something useful? Well first of all as stated earlier, when we learn how to project such a generated scalar wave in such a manner as to locate it anywhere we wish, we may project a second phase-shifted wave to the same coordinates to cause remote dissipation of virtually limitless quantities of energy.


     Gravity appears to possess all the scalar properties we have described; it passes effortlessly through all masses undiminished and is only recognized when a mass is placed in the proximity of another mass creating a gravity field vector which is capable of doing work and being recognized as "gravitational attraction." The gravity field vector when created by scalar wave methods, can by utilizing a series of 3 translator/projectors, produce an interfering wave front along 3 axes in such a way as to produce a reverse-inertial effect in a normal gravity field, or in laymen’s terms, produce antigravity or anti-inertia!

Scalar wave Communications Technology

     The following is a brief overview of how to make an Omnidirectional longitudinal scalar wave Receiver & Transmitter. In contrast to the common Hertzian transverse vector waves, scalar waves travel, or rather materialize at the receiving end, at superluminal velocities. Scalar waves also quite effectively penetrate through objects, such as a Faraday Shield, which would stop an ordinary electromagnetic (Hertzian type) wave. Shown below is a simple directional, (If there is such a thing as being 'too' directional, this system is it!), scalar wave generator/detector.

caduceus coil

Caduceus or "Tensor" Coil

    Ordinary insulated copper wire is wound in a double helix configuration around a ferrite core.

This coil has a canceling effect of the magnetic fields at the nodes, due to the opposing magnetic fields summing to zero.

The nodes MUST lie along a straight line. Once the magnetic field is cancelled, you are left with a field of pure potential. This field will have a longitudinal scalar wave pattern.

This field will be a narrow threadlike beam parallel to the cylindrical axis. By precise physical alignment of two Caduceus coils, one as transmitter and the other as a receiver, you can send signals that can't be detected on a standard Hertzian type radio receiver. This receiver/transmitter combination is limited to line-of-sight, I.E., until the curvature of the planet causes the transmitted signal to 'over-shoot' the receiver.


 See Popular Electronics August 1980, PG 94 & 95, for a simple PFM Modulator/Demodulator. For an inexpensive, user friendly PFM, put together your own Electronic Pulse Generator Kit from this merchant.

Tune the carrier frequency so that it falls in the "Experimenters band" of 160 to 180 kilocycles.

Note: By definition Hertzian type waves are transverse vector waves. So the units used when referring to scalar waves should be given in the old form of Cycles-Per-Second (Kilocycles, KC or Mega-Cycles, MC), to prevent confusion. Just for the fun of it, try to measure the impedance, and inductance, of the Caduceus coil, and find its natural resonant frequencies.


regular ceramic magnets Obtain two Radio Shack ceramic magnets and glue their north pole faces together.

magnet wire wrapped ceramic magnetsWind the magnets with about 50 turns of #30 magnet wire. Wire gauge is not critical. The brush noise from the DC motor provides a pulse signal to the coil, which modulates the 'colliding' field pattern of the magnets and creates interesting scalar effects within a narrow pencil-beam pattern, which extends from each face of the magnet out to a few inches.

scalar effect from Bloch walls of magnets

(Compare to Bloch Wall/Gravity Wave Field Source as a function of the electromagnetic spectrum. A Bloch Wall is a neutral central region at the junction of two magnetic poles. It is thereby a "magnetic flow reversal" and is also known as a "diamagnetic vortex point." The Bloch Wall is the point of division of the circling vortex, or spin, of the electron magnetic energies of the north and south poles. The north pole (-) magnetism spins to the left; the south pole (+) magnetism spins to the right. The point of zero magnetism and no-spin, which is also the point of magnetic reversal where the two spin fields join, is the Bloch Wall.

We have two antithetical polarities meeting and generating a third element, the Bloch Wall, which is a weak pressure (gravity) generator. The south pole is the source and the north pole is the sink. The individual pole energy rotations are three component vectors and the conjunction (Bloch Wall) is a tensor.

In all electromagnets, the Bloch Wall is actually external to the unit. The Bloch Wall, the neutral center gravity wave source, is also generated just outside the gap between the north magnet faces when power is applied. In terms of the electromagnetic spectrum, the point of 1012 cycles/second is marked as our non-Hertzian gravity, while below this is Hertzian components of radar, radio, and standard EM frequencies. Above it are infrared and optical energy frequencies. This is God's neutral center in the radiant energy spectrum where His standard design triadic system demanded it be placed. 1012 cycles/second is the frequency of radiated gravity. Also look up Anti-Gravity & the World Grid.)

Suggested Experiments

Purchase two identical music CDs. Listen to both to verify that they are identical. Now let the "scalar beam" play all over the surface of one of the CDs for about one minute. You may want to build a simple rotating platform to make this process more convenient. Now play the two CDs and compare them again. Hear any difference?

(Note, this process is patent pending, so do not use it for any other purpose except to demonstrate the reality of the effect) Connect a small probe-coil to an oscilloscope, then move it around in the beam and observe the waveforms.

Taste some wine, then put it in a small airtight container and place it against the magnet face for a few (minutes? hours?) Taste it again. Improvements? Try it with and without the power supply connected to verify that any changes are caused by the scalar beam and by just the magnetic field. Some tests I intend to try (but as yet have not!)

Place various types of food in the beam then compare flavor with untreated samples. Grow two collections of plants, water one with normal H2O, water the other with H2O that's been treated by several minutes? Hours of exposure to the beam? Aim the beam directly at a plant for many days, compare it with another untreated plant as a control. Sprout two groups of seeds, one treated and one untreated, and look for differences in number, health, growth rate, etc., between the two groups. Measure the growth of the tip of a plant stem by using a tiny lever, mirror, and laser beam. Graph the growth rate, then treat the plant with the scalar beam and look for changes in the rate. (Note that this method can also be used to observe plants' realtime response to numerous stimuli both conventional and "weird." Fertilizer? Light? Music? Good/ Bad thoughts?) Observe microscopic life forms in pond water, then expose them to the beam and see if their behavior changes while it is operating. Or, expose the water to the beam for several minutes? hours?, then compare the number and activity of life forms in the water with an untreated bottle.

Or, compare the effects of adding treated or untreated water to the slide under the microscope. Use an op-amp buffer and an audio amplifier to listen to the noise output of a capacitor which is shielded in a thick copper box, (or does a resistor or transistor work better?) then aim the beam at the box and listen for signals.

This detector is capable of detecting scalar waves and fields:

See Tom Bearden's site for more info on this scalar wave detector

Please also see this paper on "scalar weapons."

See This weather control chronological log...

March 28, 2002 - A patent was granted on March 26, 2002 for "The Motionless Magnetic Generator," MEG) US Patent 6,362,718,

which is likely to become the first commercially available free energy device in history in about one year from now. The machine will provide free electricity from the vacuum, for the life of the device, which should be a very long life since it has no moving parts. You can see a picture of scientist Jean Louis Naudin's MEG replication model at:

It has strong magnets, coils, and a controller unit with the electronics. Naudin made the announcement to the MEG-builder's Yahoo group. The announcement has significance since the patent office has always been skeptical of devices which seem to get-something-for-nothing." But according to the new science of scalar electromagnetics, the MEG does not break the law of conservation of energy. It's just that the energy is conserved in the fourth dimension, time, and not our 3-space world. The MEG provides electrical energy by tapping the longitudinal electromagnetic (EM) waves which exist in almost infinite abundance in the vacuum of space. This ocean of energy which permeates everything is sometimes called the "zero point" energy, since it remains there even at absolute zero temperature.

Four inventors are listed: Stephen L. Patrick, Thomas E. Bearden, James C. Hayes, Kenneth D. Moore.

Tom Bearden has explained the operation of the MEG on his website , and also speaks about the new fearful weapons that can and have been made using the same "longitudinal waves" of the vacuum. The complicated physics of how the MEG works is explained in the paper "The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator: Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy Replenishment from the Active Vacuum," which can be found at Tom Bearden's website: )

The first MEG units to be produced for sale will output 2.5 kilowatts of free electricity. Forever. They should be in production about a year from now. Facilities for manufacturing the device are being set up in an unnamed "friendly nation."

This free electricity will flow indefinitely, without much, or any maintenance. The units may be hooked together to provide more wattage, so four of them would provide 10 kilowatts. After some production experience units will be made which output 10 kilowatts each. With a couple of those units a house could get off the electrical grid.

Tom Bearden, one of the inventors has said "I will admit that the chief scientist of an important experimental group in a large company was rather stunned at the type of output we were able to obtain. The MEG may look like just a transformer, but it is not. It is a completely different breed of cat." This cat, it would seem, is out of the bag now. The ordinary EM waves we are familiar with are called "transverse" waves, to distinguish them from the new "longitudinal" EM waves of the vacuum.

Bearden has explained in depth on his website that wherever there is a dipole (battery, generator, magnet) there is an unseen flow of longitudinal EM waves in that local vacuum, the only problem is in tapping that energy and "transducing" it to electricity. Bearden says that the problem with all the electrical circuits we have is that they are two-wire circuits, a loop by which half the energy goes back to destroy the dipole. In the MEG that closed loop is never made. So the dipole is not being destroyed. Patents are not granted on devices which do not work, so in a sense this announcement proclaims a new era. The MEG device itself proclaims and proves that energy is abundantly available everywhere, for free. We only have to build the devices to tap it. MEG type devices could be put into a car with an electric engine to make a truly fuel-less automobile. Electricity can be available in very remote places. People will be able to get off our very terrorist-vulnerable power grids. In an era of terrorism a highly dispersed power system would be most desirable rather than our centralized systems. What is somewhat astonishing to me is the discovery by Bearden et. al. that time itself is actually compressed energy, and that this free energy is actually coming from the time domain, the ocean of longitudinal EM waves which fill the empty vacuum of space time. In fact, time is energy compressed by the same factor that matter is compressed energy: the speed-of-light squared. Thus there is a new companion to Einstein's E=mc2. Can you say "E equals delta-tee-cee-squared?" The "tee" is time and delta-tee is change in time.

A company has been set up to manufacture the MEG called Magnetic Energy Limited. The ramifications of free energy are enormous. The oil wars are not necessary. If we threw as much money at this technology as we are spending on the oil wars we would be free of the need for oil in less than a decade. With fuel-less cars air pollution will be greatly lessened. Third world nations can raise their standard of living eventually. And the energy is free. And it never runs out.

I have put together a kind of "Bearden for Beginners" article which explains some of the basic concepts of the current state of scalar technology.

The granting of the MEG patent is the herald of the new era of scalar electromagnetics, and the free energy which flows forever and never runs out.

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