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Free Energy from Back-EMF: A Science Fair Project using simple materials from an electronic surplus... more to come!

Free Energy from the Earth: A Science Fair Project using simple materials from the hardware store (no hazardous materials)... more to come!

Dear Environment California supporter,

Over two thousand Californians responded to our recent action alert urging the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to strengthen the Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program. A few days after receiving these messages, CARB announced a delay in its decision until March 27 to give itself more time to adjust the proposed changes to the program.

Incredibly, CARB is still caving in to pressure from automakers despite strong and widespread public support for the current regulation. State regulators continue to propose weakening the program by creating delays in the requirements for pollution-free vehicles for the rest of this decade.

The 11-member California Air and Resources Board will be voting on this proposal later this month and need to hear from Californians who support the current law and do not want the requirement delayed.

Please take a moment to call CARB and urge them to stand firm in their mandate to protect Californian's from air pollution. You can call the CARB office at 1-800-242-4450. Here's a sample message you can leave:

"Hi, my name is ____ and I live in _____. I urge the California Air and Resources Board to vote against weakening California's Zero Emission Vehicle Program. Please let me know what the board decides to do."

Then, let us know you made the call so we can keep a count by following this link and filling out the form there.


Just 12 years after the Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program was originally adopted, hybrid vehicles are approaching commercial success. Battery electric vehicles have been wildly popular with those who have one. Cleaner gasoline cars are available for purchase by the public. And last December, fuel cell vehicles entered special fleet trials in California, the first step to their commercialization. Even automakers - who have long fought to kill the ZEV Program - admit that California's requirement has spurred technology development.

But automakers continue to fight to weaken the ZEV Program. Calls to cut the number of zero-emission vehicles have taken hold among some of our state regulators, who are now proposing to relax the original standards. Car companies sell 1.8 million vehicles a year in California. If the California Air Resources Board (CARB) staff proposal is approved, car companies would be required to make fewer than 8,000 electric vehicles in the year 2011, compared to current rules requiring 123,000.

Now is not the time to back away from a commitment to cleaner cars. 95% of all Californians live in areas that do not meet minimum standards for healthy air, and more than 70% of our urban smog comes from mobile sources. In January, air quality officials admitted that they have substantially underestimated pollution from cars and trucks, and that, as a result, California may not be able to achieve healthy air by 2010 as planned.

In order to maintain a strong standard and ensure that our air will get cleaner, the Air Resources Board needs to maintain California's strong ZEV requirement and take steps to prevent a near-term ZEV product blackout.

The Air Resources Board will vote on the staff proposal on March 27, 2004. If they accept the proposal it will be a major reversal of its position adopted two years ago. In January 2001, the board reaffirmed its longstanding ZEV regulation and strengthened the program by increasing the number of ZEVs required long term. The Board also said it was through changing the program every other year. Members said they were going to stand by the 2001 program. We need to hold them to that commitment.

Let us know you made the call so we can keep a count by following this link and filling out the form there.


Dan Jacobson
Environment California Legislative Director

Indeed, we have been told that the US Patent Office has strict instructions not to allow any Patent for a meaningful overunity electromagnetic system or one that would appear to threaten the status quo of our present power suppliers.

Occasionally, however, the veil does inadvertently get lifted on some of the wondrous suppressed overunity systems, only to quickly be dropped again. Here are a few examples:


The books referenced here can be found at or Barnes & Noble.

{Note: "COP" = "Coefficient of Performance" | Electric COP | Thermodynamic COP}

U.S. Patents registered 1976 and onward are available for online viewing - please record the patent number before clicking.

and the list goes on - out of the past into the future, over unity, non-polluting energy generation, turned away by the people of the desert who have learned to disbelieve the sea...

. This is a sample of inventions that produce "free energy":
' Tesla: USP #685,957 (1901)
' Freedman: USP #2,796,345 (1957)
' Richardson: USP #4,077,001 (1978)
' Frenette: USP #4,143,639 (1979)
' Perkins: USP #4,424,797 (1984)
' Gray: USP #4,595,975 (1986)
' Meyer: USP #4,936,961 (1990)
' Chambers (Xogen): USP #6,126,794 (1998).

God gave us science to understand nature, therefore, Him.  The inventors of these over unity, energy systems were simply inspired to the point of understanding that we can tap into the unlimited potential that God has to give.  People with God are a Free People.  Please visit 'Cleansing the Soul' for your daily affirmation.

Books on Free Energy can be found at's Free Energy, Over Unity Library or Healing Science.

Over Unity Energy Legislation

The Future of Free Energy

Prototype Announcement Nuclear Waste May Become a Safe Energy Source - Nuclear Solutions, Inc. (NSOL) proposes that they have a technology whereby they can render nuclear waste no longer radioactive and concomitantly create a new fuel source.

{Nuclear radiation since the 1950's}


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