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Earth Energy Capacitor Project

Here is my own earth energy experiment from the earth energy battery guidelines. (Primordial Energy = Orgone Energy = aetheric energy = {a}ether)
holder for earth energy cell

Here is the custom plastic mold I have made for this earth energy capacitor experiment. As you see I have drilled holes in all sides of the box. I have already welded using lead-free electrical solder 6 gauge battery wires to the copper posts at the bottom. The metal plates are also have 1/8 inch holes to allow for seepage. In the background, you see the structure where I will place the finished cell underneath. In order to build a sort of megalithic menhir with a reverse energy oriented potential for attracting electrons, the grey side of this structure where you see a piece of copper laying at the back will be an orgone accumulator.

earth energy cell half done point

I got the plastic from TAP plastics. The ¼ inch copper tubing is from OSH. I got the battery wires, cloth, and potting soil from WalMart and I got the metal sheet from different vendors at eBay. (I hope that soil is not too corrosive since it's probably acidifying.) If I was to call myself "Master Chef" for this project, then I would certainly ask my sous chef to take care of this tedious work. I have welded the copper plates to the post on the left and the aluminum plates to the post on the right. I did post welding one plate at a time instead of welding a wire to each plate in the interest of efficiency of this particular design. On top of each plate as you see I have placed one layer of cloth and about ¼ inch of soil.

How to weld at the aluminum side

I happened to own this electrolytic flashlight years ago that made use of the natural electroplating action between copper and aluminum in a saline solution. I some what remember how the electrical connection was facilitated at that aluminum plate, so I am utilizing the same method here. You probably can't see it too clearly here, but I have burnished a piece of copper foil tape around the copper post and onto an aluminum plate. I made slight perforations in the tape between the copper post and aluminum plate to allow seepage of solder for welding. Then I applied regular rosin core solder with a brazing torch. The connections are very solid after this. I used the same solder for welding the copper plate side (which was FAR easier).

earth energy cell portion is done

This earth energy cell is finished. The battery wires at the bottom will lead to further posts connected to an antenna "array" which you will see in an upcoming schematic. The wires at the top will lead to a 12 volt regulator (if needed) which will lead to a 12 volt car battery which will lead to a DC/AC inverter. As you see this earth energy cell is only one portion of a larger project for transforming etheric energy into useable electrical energy. I am not a manufacturer since anyone can see that I have opted for structural integrity (for something that's going underground anyway). I have not sealed the electrical connections yet in this picture, but I have painted non-corrosive, siliconized, elastomeric roofing chemical all over the posts to protect the connections.

earth energy cell in position

There's already organic matter sandwiched between inorganic matter in the structure above the cell. There is also inorganic matter in the form of bricks which will, in turn, be surrounded by organic matter in the form of home made compost (which includes plenty of crawly things and seedlings). As you see the posts have already been sealed here. The top battery wires will slip into the top structure and the bottom wires are now waiting for their connections.

earth energy menhir

The dirt in this menhir structure is about an inch from the stone structure on top. I allowed room in this menhir for scalability, so I can add other earth plate capacitors whenever necessary. Below is the earth energy menhir about two weeks later. I have built up a one layer orgone accumulator on the right which will house a 12 volt battery, a 12 volt regulator and an inverter from which I will finally derive the AC power. I think it's interesting to note all the seedlings come to life around this menhir. One could easily assume that they simply layed dorment in the compost, but I have no such life growing in my compost, nor can I easily grow these plants in my garden where I sow the compost on a regular basis. These seedlings consist of mustard, baby bok choy, tomato plants, fennel, one squash plant, and a few I'm not sure of yet that look like ferns. Why are they growing so easily around this structure?

earth energy menhir about two weeks later

The guidelines for this earth plate capacitor experiment call for copper pipes as polarized "antennas." I have always like putting "2 and 2" together on the basis of deriving free energy. In the 1950's Wilhelm Reich utilized an array of metal pipes coupled to a moving body of water to control the weather and knock out UFO's by drawing energy from a weaker to a stronger orgone energy potential. He also studied the reverse energy potential of orgone accumulators, that is, their ability to draw electron flow from ground.

Decades later along comes Don Croft who develops this "Chemtrail buster" that utilizes a simular metal pipe array coupled with what he calls a "Holy Hand Grenade" (á là Monty Python and the Holy Grail). Croft refers to this configuration as an "orgone generator" because claims that it generates primordial energy.

Now, if any of you are familiar with the works of Wilhelm Reich, then you may have read his work, "the Cancer Biopathy" wherein he demonstrates the existence of primordial energy better known as the "ether" with several experiments. One of the experiments consisted of filling a glass sphere with a mixture or organic and ferromagnetic material. The next step is to hang this sphere less than an inch from a one or two foot long string next two a solid ferromagnetic sphere of the same size such as a steel ball bearing. The autonomous oscillations of the glass sphere indicate the actual oscillations of the orgone energy flow between the glass and steel balls. Keeping in mind that orgone energy quickly flows through and reflects from metal but slowly flows through organic material such as dirt we can imagine the transient pulsations of aetheric energy per the oscillation of the glass ball. Keep in mind that this mixture of organic and metallic material only induces transient energy flow.

One can only wonder how Don Croft's "Holy Hand Grenade" really works because it is a random mixture of aluminum metal and/or steel shot in resin; it looks very much like a derivation of Dr. Reich's experiment above for detecting orgone pulsations. James DeMeo claims that it DOES work, But Dr. Reich had already discovered that aluminum is a life-negative metal; when he tried it in an orgone accumulator configuration it produced deadly orgone. This is in direct opposition to the application of ferro-magnetic materials, namely, iron and iron alloys.

experimental guideline for earth plate capacitorIn the case of this earth energy battery, except for the earth plate capacitor which partially depends on natural electroplating reaction, I will adhere to ferro-magnetic and diamagnetic materials for the sake of safety. But, if we examine this earth plate capacitor with a discerning eye, we see a distinct simularity between this array and Don Croft's "Chembuster." The main differences between the earth plate capacitor and Don Croft's "Chembuster" are in the following table:

earth plate capacitor"chembuster"
metal pipe array is polarizedmetal pipe array is random
metal plates are ordered like a condensormetal particles in the "Holy Hand Grenade" section are randomly dispersed as in chaos theory
capacitor bank is permanently buried in the ground"Holy Hand Grenade" is used above ground and completely transportable.
uses no special resonant mediauses quartz crystals

I have many thoughts in mind for deriving power from this system. Of course, I have to remember to adhere to the laws of orgone engineering for what I have in mind.

to be continued...

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