Physics of the
"Maypole Effect"

and the "Searl Effect"
in the J.R.R. Searl IGV craft

Paul E Potter
(last updated Nov 12 2004)


"I was amazed with what I read [in your report below]; never in my life have I had the privilege to sit and read such a wonderful detailed structure for the SEG concept.

"Over the years many reports have arrived on my desk, none have been anywhere near the truth, but show the field of employment these writers were in.

"But in this report I was reading something quite different, something that had been well thought out, even though you have not been employed upon this work, it was closer to reality than any report before it.

"If I was a chairman of a university committee and was responsible to mark this report I would give it 90/100. As three parts of the function of the IGV power unit that is involved was not included within your documentation."

Prof. J.R.R. Searl President SISRC/DISC 6 Jan 2004



searl effect


The Maypole Effect of a Searl Rotor

A - This graphic represents an old Searl Effect concept from websites on the net:

B - This is my idea of how the stationary magnetic ring in a LAYERED form might create angled flux lines which form a FRUSTUM shaped magnetic field, as per the note on keeleynet: which says;

"About the claims of Searl...he told my friend Reuben Joswiak that the elements that are used to make one of his 'special' magnets were arranged or layered in such a way that a spiralling magnetic field of increasing intensity was created....kind of like a screw....I tried to get Reuben to write all that down THEN, but he never did...

Searl said that each element had a bit of a magnetic spiral naturally associated with it and this information was supposed to be in the books of the square that he and John Thomas wrote. I have all those, but can't make a lot of sense of them.....

From the way Searl described it to Reuben....once these elements were PRESSED together in a special sequence, the spiralling field could be used to create a self-driving magnet as was used in the Searl flying disk."

C - The satellite magnets when rotating around the stationary magnetic ring would continually make and break lines of magnetic flux with the stationary ring and have a composite mag field somewhat in a donut shape - and because these flux lines will always be in motion charged particles would be drawn to them and move, around this donut field, perpendicular to the rotor's axis.

D - When the satellite's rotation increases above a certain rpm the donut's field flux lines would angle (the flux at the south pole would appear to drag or lag behind that of the north pole). So instead of the charged particles moving (around the magnetic field) perpendicular to the vertical line of the rotor's axis they would curve inward toward the center.

E - The donut field's charged particles curving into the center would then react to the stationary (layered) magnetic ring's frustum of angled flux lines and would initially be spun round it perpendicular to the axis, but as the frustum shape of this field dictates that charged particles will be drawn upward into it's smaller radius of curve the particle's (electron's) velocity would increase. Now, in order to conserve angular momentum as the particles spiral in ever decreasing radius as they speed up they will also extrude the magnetic field into the shape of a cone. This is the start of what I call the Maypole Effect.

F - This is based on a current (but different) project I'm working on (type2Gh.gif) and better illustrates the Maypole Effect. Once a magnetic cone field is developed the Maypole Effect takes over (for the charged particles moving through it spin at ever increasing velocity and when they arrive at the cone's apex they have no where to go but UP), forming a helical flow of electrically charged particles. As per electromagnetic theory the helical flow with magnetic flux lines through it's center and around it's outside will produce a self-confining force upon the particles to keep the helix intact.

I have been informed that above 20 thousand rps (revs per second or 20 kHz) this helical flow will start to connect with the surrounding aether and a craft that generates it will rise into it at great speed.

Paul E Potter


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searl effect